Our Team

Justin Witt – After spending most of his life trying in vain to balance work with fishing in North America, Justin decided a quick change of hemisphere might just solve the problem for good. Taking a hiatus from the marketing communications firm he founded and had run for eight years, he boarded a plane and flew to Ushuaia, the furthest physical distance he could reasonably expect to put between himself and his desk without ending up on the icy shores of Antarctica. From there he embarked upon a seven month journey, walking up the spine of the Andes with a backpack and a fly rod to explore Patagonia’s fabled trout waters. Eventually settling in Rio Pico, Argentina, he began Patagonia Unlimited as an outfitter and guide service with the idea of creating a presence and running a business in what he had found was the best fly fishing area for trout in the world. As the business grew, its rapidly expanding client base began to express interest in other destinations, and new adventures with new species around the world. So, ready for a change and as passionate as ever about his work, Justin responded, developing programs and expanding the company’s operations throughout the rest of Patagonia and into every single hemisphere on Earth.

Dave Teffeteller – With family roots in the Great Smoky Mountains' Cades Cove, fly fishing for trout has truly always been a way of life for Dave. Today his fly fishing guide books, flies, and fly tying products are found in the vests, libraries, and tying benches of anglers across the globe. Dave runs our North American booking office, answering the phone and helping clients with all aspects of their trip planning, as well as hosting trips himself each year on the ground in Argentina.

Mario Riasnianski – Mario has lived, worked, and fished in the Rio Pico region of Patagonia his entire life. An excellent boatman with years of experience on the sometimes sea-like waters of Lago Vintter, Mario can find a calm place to cast (and catch fish) on even the windiest days. Speaking English, Russian, and Spanish, he has a reputation for getting along well with everyone he meets, and for consistently proving himself as one of the most professional guides in the region.

Paulino Arias – Paulino is truly a living legend throughout Patagonia at large. Having picked up a fly rod before most anglers in Argentina had even heard of one, he has by now quite likely forgotten more about the sport than the rest of us will ever know. Most of Paulino’s life has been dedicated to the exploration of Patagonian trout waters, and to teaching the members of a newly emerging sport-culture the rules, responsibilities, and details of the game. From tying flies and assisting guests, to putting together some of the best Asados in all Argentina, Paulino’s contribution to the Patagonia Unlimited team is indispensable, and we are very thankful each year to have him aboard.

Zach “Tweed” Otte - Tweed is, above all else, a fisherman. Growing up in the southeastern United States with bass ponds and trout streams close by and the ocean not too far away, he honed his skills at an early age; but it was not until fishing for peacock bass in the inner city of Miami that his passion for predatory fish in vivid locations fully came to bloom. After graduating from the University of Tennessee Zach travelled to the Amazon, built a canoe, and fished and explored extensively throughout the region. Having survived three years in the jungle, and with three additional languages on his tongue, he eventually wound up in Argentina, where he fell in love all anew with outsized trout, toothy dorado, and wild environments. He now spends his austral summers fishing in Argentina and Chile, and his northern-hemisphere summers working as a trip planner for Patagonia Unlimited, and as a rafting and fly-fishing guide for Arkansas River Tours in Cotopaxi, CO.

Alex Knüll – Alex is the head guide and program director for all San Martin and Junin de los Andes area packages. Raised in San Martin, but educated in an English speaking school in Buenos Aires, Alex’s passion for fly fishing was enough to insure he’d settle in his native Patagonia, where he’s been guiding professionally since 2000. Alex has been fishing and exploring the waters around San Martin since picking up his first fly rod at the age of nine, and now brings this huge body of accumulated knowledge and experience to bear on the trips he runs for clients in the area.

Luciano Alba – Luciano is the program director for all Estancia Laguna Verde/Lago Strobel programs. A native of La Pampa where he’s been fishing and hunting since he was eight years old, Luciano went into the sporting property management business with his father Roberto several years ago, and now manages a number of ranches and farms both in his native province and in Santa Cruz. When he’s not holding a fly rod, shotgun, or bow, he also practices law for Alba & Asociados.

Emiliano Luro – Emiliano is the head guide and program director for all Estancia Tres Valles packages. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, he decided the area around Rio Pico and Las Pampas was a good place to raise a family after exploring practically all the rest of Patagonia through ten whole years of travel, fishing, and photography. Emiliano speaks great English as well as passable French and Italian, and divides his off season months between teaching in local area schools, and exploring the bonefish and tarpon flats of Peru.

Gustavo Segovia - Gustavo has been fly fishing and working with tourism in the area between Rio Pico and Los Alerces National park since 1999, and has developed an extensive network of access points to otherwise off-limits or hard to reach locations that is impressive, to say the least. One of the friendliest and most sociable people in the business, Gustavo is a consistent favorite with our clients, and the number of requests we receive each year for a day or two with him on the water is testament to both his endearing personality and expertise.

María Pía Floria - Pía, a graduate Ornithologist from the University of Patagonia, was born in Esquel and has been working with birding tourism, bird conservation projects, and bird-life education in the area for many years. She is fluent in both English and Spanish, extremely knowledgeable in local area environments, species, and behaviors, and maintains an extensive network of private access sites for bird observation.

Javier De Leonardis - Javier, a native of Santa Cruz province but long time resident of Esquel, is one of the preeminent Ornithologists in Argentina, with experience in the field ranging from his home region of Patagonia to the Indian Subcontinent of Asia. Also fluent in English and Spanish, Javier has been receiving birders from around the world and educating locals about birding and conservation for many years.

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