Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in Patagonia is truly the stuff of dreams. Unbelievably beautiful country, free running rivers and natural turquoise lakes, mile upon mile of water without another angler in sight, and some of the highest population densities of truly outsized trout found anywhere in the world, all combine to make this region famous among anglers across the globe.

Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Patagonia Unlimited’s experienced team has been fishing and guiding on these waters for years; and as you might expect, we’ve learned a thing or two about where to be and when, and about what gear and techniques will produce results. Whether you’re looking to tempt sipping risers on a pastoral spring creek in the foothills of the Andes, or swing streamers in front of giant hook-jawed browns on a mighty river, Patagonia Unlimited has what it takes to put you where you want to be.

We look forward to turning your Patagonia fly fishing dreams into experiences and memories. Why not give us a call today, and let’s get started.
Fly Fishing in Patagonia

“For most of the long range fishing trips I've taken the brochures usually far exceed the actual experience. In the case of Patagonia Unlimited, my experience exceeded my expectations.”

~ Salvatore Bruno ~ Delaware USA

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