San Martin de Los Andes

San Martin de Los Andes

In many ways it can be said that Patagonian fly fishing was born in the region of San Martin and Junin de los Andes. Pioneers of the sport such as Mel Kreiger, Ernie Schwiebert, and Roderick Haig Brown first made the area famous through their explorations, photography, and writing years ago; then the local culture responded by opening their doors and paving the way for their home waters and beloved country to lay its claim to being one of the most sought after fishing destinations in the world. The crystal clear rivers and sparkling creeks surrounding the spectacular Lanín Volcano and its namesake national park provide exactly the kind of rich visual setting that makes this claim easy to believe.

San Martin de Los Andes

The Junin and San Martin de los Andes area is especially well known for its regular dry fly action, with predictable hatches of aquatic insects and a summer-long windfall of terrestrials coupled with some of the most stable and enjoyable weather patterns in all of Patagonia.

Utilizing any of a variety of comfortable lodging options including the two hundred thousand acre Estancia Quemquemtreu on the Rio Collón Cura, the classic Estancia Tres Lagos inside Lanin National Park, Estancia Arroyo Verde on the Rio Traful, Tipiluke Lodge in Estancia Cerro de los Pinos, or even a luxury safari-style tent camp, these itineraries are designed to deliver a truly classic Argentine fly fishing experience. This trip can also be easily combined with the Trevelin/Los Alerces National Park itineraries.

Double Occupancy Rates

Authentic Estancias: Huechahue & Quemquemtreu - $800 per night

Traditional Lodges: Collon Cura & Tres Lagos - $850 per night

Premium Estancias: San Huberto, Tipiliuke, Arroyo Verde - $900 per night

*Custom planned trips are also available for this destination in combination with PRG Trevelin, PRG Un-plugged, and Estancia Tres Valles; Contact us today for available dates and details, and get started on your way to this dream-trip of a lifetime to see just why Patagonia River Guides sets the standard for top fly fishing destinations in Argentina and around the world.

Some photos courtesy of Alex Knüll

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