The Trout Bum

Trout Bum

Patagonia Unlimited's Trout Bum Itineraries are intended to offer a unique, low-cost alternative for more self-sufficient anglers in groups of three or more who don't mind a less luxurious trip if it will get them within range of incredible fishing. These itineraries are planned to utilize semi-mobile camping set-ups for lodging in order to fish a variety of spectacular Patagonian environments, and maximize time spent on the waters themselves with rod in hand.

The season for our Rio Pico Trout Bum Program runs from November 1st until May 1st each year. Early season (Nov/Dec) and late season (Mar/Apr) see spring and fall runs of migratory spawners in their respective environments, while the middle of summer (Jan/Feb) generally holds the most stable weather patterns and warmest temperatures.

Package rates are per person based on double occupancy, and include everything except flights, fishing licenses, alcoholic beverages, laundry, and guide/staff gratuities.

  • Full week program with six days of fishing, seven nights - $2,750 per person (double occupancy)
  • Week and a half week program with nine days of fishing, ten nights - $3,900 per person (double occupancy)
  • Two week program with twelve days of fishing, thirteen nights - $4,900 per person (double occupancy)

*Custom planned trips are also available for this destination; Contact us today for available dates and details, and get started on your way to this dream-trip of a lifetime to see just why the Rio Pico Trout Bum has captured the hearts and imaginations of so many fly fisherman from across the globe.

* Let us be the first here to give credit where credit is due: The term "Trout Bum" was first coined (or at the very least first published) by fly fishing writer John Gierach, as the title of his popular 1986 collection of essays.

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