The Gear

Tackle of Choice

Rods/Reels – The question of what length and weight of fly rod to bring and fish in Patagonia can be a difficult one to answer. Personal taste and comfort carry a lot of weight in the selection of fly fishing equipment, and rods in particular are almost always a reflection of the identities of their users. We suggest 9’ #6 or #7, mid to fast action graphite rods, combined with large arbor reels equipped with good drag systems, and suggest that clients bring at least two different rods on their trip. Generally in a given week our anglers will have the opportunity to fish everything from large open lakes and rivers using three-inch streamers, to tiny spring creeks floating #12 dries, and everything in between.

Lines – Generally only two lines per rod are necessary in Patagonia, a weight-forward or double taper floating line and an intermediate sinking or sink-tip line.

Leaders/Tippet – We commonly use a variety of tapered leaders with tippet sizes ranging from 0x to 6x due to the diversity of waters that we cover, and our guides always carry plenty of leaders and tippets to suite any need at any moment.

Flies – Fly selection for Patagonia can be as complex or as simple as one cares to make it. One thing that is pretty consistent though is that big fish like big flies; and in Patagonia, they like even bigger flies. Like most places in the world, a half-dozen patterns would likely catch fish from every piece of water in the region, but under certain conditions another slightly different pattern would produce far better results.Patagonia Fly Box The list below is a great starter for anyone visiting Patagonia, but rest assured that in the event conditions require something a bit different than anything you happen to have in your box, our guides will be carrying a locally developed pattern that has a very good chance of being just what the moment calls for.



Stimulators6-12Various colors
Chernobyl Ants6-8 Black or Brown w/ white rubber legs
Grasshoppers6-10Various colors
Parachute Adams12-18White posts
Foam Beetles2-14Various colors
Humpys 12-18Various colors
Dragon Flies


Wooly Buggers2-4Green/Black w/ white rubber legs
Muddler Minnows2-4Natural
Matukas4-10Olive, Brown, Black


Hare’s Ears12-18Gold ribbed
Pheasant Tails12-18n/a
Copper Johns12-18n/a

Waders - Any modern chest waders with a wading belt will work fine for fishing in Patagonia.

*Please remember that Patagonia is currently 100% free of whirling-disease, New Zealand mud-snail, and still has very limited exposure to didymo; let’s keep it that way!

Clothing - Like most of the best fishing venues in the world weather can be somewhat unpredictable in Patagonia, making a diverse mixture of warm weather and cold weather clothing the safest option, regardless of the month. Layering synthetics is the best approach, along with a brimmed hat and raincoat just in case.

Fishing Tackle in Patagonia
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