The Lakes

Literally thousands of natural lakes, as well as a few man-made reservoirs, hold very healthy trout populations throughout Patagonia.

Lago Vinter

With so many choices on (and off) the map, local knowledge and access make all the difference in the world when it comes to accessing and enjoying the best of these fisheries. From Lago Buenos Aires, the second largest lake in South America, to the scores of tiny, high elevation glacial-cut pools, the diversity of Patagonia’s still water eco-systems and the fisheries they support is a still evolving dynamic that has produced some truly incredible results, both in numbers of fish, and in average fish size. Although many of these lakes are quite fishable from shore, many others are not, as they are surrounded by steep rocky grades or dense foliage.

The small town of Rio Pico, our home base, is situated right in the middle of the most productive trout fishing lakes in all of Patagonia. The world-famous numbered lakes (Lagos 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) as well as many smaller and less well known but no less productive lakes, are all within twenty minutes drive; while the enormous and spectacular Lago Vintter sits just thirty minutes to our North, and Lago Strobel (aka Jurassic Lake) is just a single day’s drive to our south.

The Lakes of Patagonia
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